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    Lecture by leader of Okean Elzy Sviatoslav Vakarchuk ат LSE SU Ukrainian Society 17-11-2014

    LSE SU Ukrainian Society is exceedingly proud to officially announce that Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, politically involved leader of the most successful Ukrainian rock band Okean Elzy, deliver a lecture on the "Ukrainian Crisis and its Future"

    1.  My personal belief is that we should starve for values. That`s our fundamental force. That`s space in which we live.

    2. In different parts of the world people worship and say on different values. What are western values? We talk about coming to Europe. Or coming close to Europe. Or uniting with Europe. Or being a part of Europe. Every day, thousand times a day. Nobody knows exactly what is to be European.

    3. There are many societies in the world which have different values, who don`t think that personal freedom is the most important thing of the world. There some societies who think that safety is much more important value than freedom of choice.

    4. Three thousand years ago the Bible was invented. A man was given a choice to commit a sin or not? Actually a question sin wasn`t existing before Bible. In Ancient Greece or Egypt or in the Babylon they thought everything depended on will of gods. In Bible nothing depends on will of gods. But everything depends on you they say. The God only gives you choice. And you choose what you want. The first conception of freedom of choice was given in Bible. Also simple but many people don`t think about it. It`s one of the greatest inventions of the mankind.

    5. Typical feature of Ukrainian is impatience. We need steps further and further and further….

    6. Ukraine needs urgent complete rebuilding of our values.

    7. Not give up as a society.

    8. It`s not the country where you were born. You made nothing for being born. It`s not your achievement. It`s your parents, it`s not you. How did you deserve having a good country? What did you do?