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    Concert of the Year: Okean Elzy

    Superstar rock group and Ukrainian icons, Lviv’s own Okean Elzy, returned for their first concert in over three years in their home city on June 1st at a rocking Arena Lviv. Over 30,000 fans – the largest crowd the group had ever performed for – showed up to see Okean Elzy perform during their only stop in Lviv on their Ukrainian tour in support of their new album “Zemlya” (Earth). 

    The band played for what seemed an eternity; they exhausted their entire playlist from their new album, and managed to play nearly every one of their most treasured classics. In the end, the concert ran for over three hours and didn’t end until well past midnight. Fans from any price category walked away knowing both that they got their money’s worth, but also that they were part of a truly special event experience. If you missed this larger-than-life concert in 2013, make sure not to miss their 20th Anniversary Reunion concert in Lviv on May 31st at Arena Lviv.