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    The world-famous celebrities of Ukraine will play with St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra in Vilnius

    On December 20, 2018, 19 p.m., a unique event will take place in St. Catherine's Church – the Concert of the most popular Ukrainian rock band Okean Elzy and the St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra. The Concert will be conducted by the Orchestra's Artistic Director and Chief Conductor, Modestas Barkauskas.

    In August, on the Independence Day of Ukraine, the concert of Okean Elzy took place at the stadium “Olympic” in Kiev. It was attended by nearly 100,000 people. The band played four hours without any pause and the heated crowd could not release the band from the stage. After long coordination and the meeting of the representatives of the St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra, the band Okean Elzy and the Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania in Ukraine, Marius Janukonis, the idea will finally materialize and the world-famous band will play with the orchestra in Vilnius.

    This concert will be in a completely different format, and the most famous hits of the band, which was formed in 1994, will sound completely new: in the spectacular, though small, St. Catherine's Church Hall, with the lighting compositions of the popular lighting artist Arvydas Buinauskas, and the delicate St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra‘s strings‘ sound. The lead vocalist of Okean Elzy Svyatoslav Vakarchuk is one of the most charismatic Ukrainian people, born in Ukraine and raised in a family of scientists. In 2005 he participated in the Ukrainian show „Who will win a million?“, answered all questions correctly and won the grand prize (1 million hryvnias). The leader of the band donated the prize to the Ukrainian orphanages.

    Charity is also the purpose of the concert in Vilnius. The idea of support for Ukraine is not distant for the orchestra. The initiative which began in 2017 with the charity concert for Ukrainian children in Kaunas crew officer house has grown. In 2018 the orchestra went on tour to Ukraine. During the 10-day tour, not only Kiev, but also the eastern Ukrainian front-line cities were visited. The musicians personally visited the local schools, orphanages, provided the support collected of the Lithuanian people and organized the concerts to the people who are exhausted of war. And this time, in cooperation with Caritas of Lithuania, people are invited to support the orphanages, which were visited by the orchestra, and to donate to the special Charity Box in St. Catherine's Church and the special Caritas Account  LT02 7300 0101 3718 2270.Also, all the collected money for the sale of limited tickets will be given to the Ukrainian orphanages.

    In addition to Ukrainian support projects, the orchestra constantly organizes and participates in various Lithuanian support actions. In cooperation with various organizations, the special attention is paid to the professional development of young performers. Every year the orchestra and Caritas of Lithuania organize a charity concert „Burn Like a Candle“ and other. 

    The concert, which will take a place on Thursday, will be filmed and later will be shown by Lithuanian National Television.The audience will hear the special arrangements of the most popular Okean Elzy songs made by Tomas Petrikis. Tomas Petrikis says „I tried to find the synthesis of rock band‘s and string orchestra‘s sound that both of these very different organisms would breathe together in music. I have left room for the development of the themes of the orchestra, so in this concert the band and orchestra will sound like real partners.“ The part of the arrangements is written by the band‘s keyboard player and arranger Milos Jelic.