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    about Okean Elzy

    OKEAN ELZY is the biggest act that the 43 million country of Ukraine ever witnessed. A world class rock band and a national legend, famous all over the world. 


    Sviatoslav Vakarchuk, the lead vocalist and founder of OKEAN ELZY, is a civic activist of a national scale. He holds a PhD in physics. Throughout the years Vakarchuk tops ratings of the most famous and influential people in Ukraine.
    OKEAN ELZY’s frontman also engages in various social and cultural projects. Together with his fellow band members, he actively supported IOM and MTV Europe’s human rights campaign “People Are Not For Sale.” In 2003 Svyatoslav became an Honorary Ambassador of Culture in Ukraine. In 2005 he was titled Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Development Programme.

    OKEAN ELZY set a national record for their 20 years anniversary performance on Kyiv Olympic Stadium - with over 75 000 fans in the audience.

    The band has beaten their own record twice since - in 2016 and 2018 - by gathering over 85 000 people.
    The band has performed on the most renowned stages of the world, including, e.g. Madison Square Garden in New York and Hammersmith Apollo in London. In 2019, Okean Elzy gathered more than 100,000 spectators at their conce

    One of the most famous songs all over the world is the track for the song Obijimi


    - Musical name of the country.
    - The most famous and award-winning band in Ukraine.
    - The best band in Ukraine.
    - YUNA is the first music award in Ukraine, which is analogous to such music awards at the MTV Music Awards.
    - At the first annual national award, OKEAN ELZY won YUNA in the nomination "The best band in the country in 20 years".
    - In 2013, OKEAN ELZY was named "the best band in the last 25 years".

    The band's solo concerts, the main condition of which is live sound, invariably arouse great interest from the audience.

    Starting with the first big and sold-out concert in 2001 in the Kyiv Palace of Sports, OKEAN ELZY gathers venues from 20 to 90 thousand people for each performance.

    Stadium tours are the main format of OKEAN ELZY concerts since 2014. 

    In 2014, OKEAN ELZY conducted an unprecedented tour of Ukraine, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the band, touring the country's largest stadiums. 

    The concert in Kyiv at that time became the largest ever performed in Ukraine among domestic or foreign musicians with 75 thousand spectators.
    However, in 2 years, June 2016, at a concert in support of the new album "Bez Mezh" Okean Elzy gathered more than 85 thousand.
    In May 2019, the concert at the capital's Exhibition of Economic Achievements was attended by more than 100,000 spectators -

    The most played group on radio stations in 2020 is Okean Elzy.